Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Word to PDF Converter 4.0

Word to PDF Converter tries to solve all conversion problems people usually encounter when trying to create a PDF out of a DOC using a different approach.

It doesn’t come as a stand-alone application, but rather as a tool that integrates into Microsoft Office.

Basically, this app is supposed to allow users to convert a document created with Microsoft’s Word into a PDF in a matter of seconds, with a single click.

Screenshot Word to PDF Converter

Word to PDF Converter is placed into the Add-ins menu in your Microsoft Office Suite and comes with a decent settings menu that allows you to customize the way you want your PDF file to look like.

Although we admit that the application works quite smooth and you shouldn't experience too many problems with it, it's pretty much obvious that a help file is a must, especially when being used by beginners. This innovative approach may get many inexperienced users in trouble, mostly due to the fact that it doesn't come with a dedicated interface.
The only problem we’ve found in Word to PDF Converter is actually its price. Paying that much for an application that does the same thing as other freeware software solutions doesn’t seem quite a good idea. Not to mention that you must have Microsoft Office on your computer in order to perform the conversion, and we all know that the popular Office suite doesn't come cheap.

Sure, things could always change in a second if you’ve already tried a bunch of alternatives and none of them worked. But be sure to search the market before throwing your money out the window.
Source: www.softpedia.com