Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RoboForm v 7.3.2 - One-click website logins

RoboForm is a secure password manager that can automatically log you into your web accounts with a single click. The program can automatically learn from a new login, just click the a button to save the current login information - the next time you want to access the site, you can do so with a single click. Your stored logins are securely protected by a master password and AES encryption, so there is no need to remember individual password, or to use insecure passwords in order to remember them more easily.

In addition to secure password storage and automatic logins, RoboForm also includes an automatic form filler, that uses Artificial Intelligence to populate common form fields (name, address etc.) whenever you encounter a web form to fill. Besides the obvious convenience of one-click logins, the program also adds an additional level of security by restricting password entry to matching sites (prevent phishing attacks) and bypassing potential keylogger interception.

RoboForm screenshoot

Software Details
Publisher: Siber Systems
OS : All Windows
Last Updated: Jun 02, 2011
File size: 7678 kb
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