Saturday, June 11, 2011

StylePix - free image editor with a number of advanced features

Hornil StylePix is a graphics editing program that allows you to draw pictures, edit photos and more. StylePix is an compound word, which contains the word "Style" and the word "Picture". As you like, "StylePix" therefore means "Style Picture". StylePix helps you to Create nice pictures easily and quickly. If you don't use the image editor or think it is difficult to use try StylePix. You can also become a graphic designer.
To better speed editing, Hornil StylePix is designed to Focus on light and powerful. We are always striving to improve the performance of Hornil StylePix.
Hornil StylePix runs on fewer resources environment such as Net-books and laptop computer or virtual machines(vmware, virtual Box and etc.) with full image handling features.

StylePix screenshot

Supported 53 languages
Convenient working environment
- png, jpg, bmp, tif, gif, tga file formats are supported
- Working with multiple files can be opened simultaneously
- Multi-level undo-redo support, and action list display
- Zoom in/out and the full-screen view and guides, rulers, grid support
- Thumbnail, histogram and waveform view for current editing image
- StylePix own file format(.tsp) support
Variety selection tools
- Auto-range, color-range, and rectangular, circular, polygonal, lasso area selection, and transformation options
Variety of drawing tools
- Brush, eraser, spray, clone-brush, lines, rectangles, circles
- Multi-line text editing
- Flood fill and gradient fill support
- 20 kinds of blending modes
- Color picker with HSV color model
Batch processing(rename, resize, rotate, and apply filters for multiple files)
Correction-restore and enhancement tools support
50 kinds of practical image filter support(Color adjustment, Sharp and Blur, Mosaic, Noise, Style, Rendering, Morphological, Distort filters, Convolve, Photo Enhancement)
Multi-layer and group support
Blending modes support

Software Details
Publisher: Hornil
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2011
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
File Size: 1.98 MB
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